Sunday, March 14, 2021

The psychology of politics

I follow politics. I like to know how the world is working. I like to know how to dream for a better world. But sometimes I am overwhelmed by the sorrow and rage and have to set it aside for awhile. I am very knowledgeable about politics, but not particularly good in articulating it in common conversation. Sometimes I am pretty good at articulating it here. But here is its own planet and it has its own rules.

I almost never talk to Republicans I know are Republicans, but occasionally I imagine what I would say in an argument with a Republican or even with a conservative Democrat. Some of these things are pretty sharp, or smart, or cutting, or witty. But in real life I would never say them. Sometimes I would manage to say nothing, which isn't too bad. Sometimes I would say something too mean. Sometimes I would say something too nice.

If someone said to me they were a Republican there might only be one thing deep down for me to say:

Sometimes I hate myself too.


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