Sunday, July 24, 2022

Kitchen sink


It is possible that I am doing so much phone "collage" photography these days because I haven't been able to carry around my big camera, even though my back does seem to be improving. I am limited to the things my phone does best. Lately my results, while prolific, have been, I don't know, desultory?

Sure, desultory. I looked it up. It has some interesting and varied meanings.

Here, for example, is a small stream of the somewhat random, unfocussed, casual, half-hearted pictures I have been making.

But then, suddenly, after a few hours of this (yes, I am sorry, dear believers in easy magic, there are actual hours in this!), I realized I wasn't being desultory, I was working towards the assembly of an opus! I was making many pictures, and they were diluted.

I needed to put them all together!

And so over the next couple of hours, I did!

And here you are:

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