Sunday, July 17, 2022

Outtakes, rarities, and alternate cuts


As usual, after a week or so of themed photo rolls, I am left with an assortment of images that didn't quite fit in anywhere. This is like with retrospectives in the career of a great rock band, I don't know, like REM, except condensed into a week. Somewhere near the end of it all they put out an album (or in the case of Bob Dylan, 75 lavish box sets) that make use of all this unused, alternate material.

That is what I am doing today!

For the aficionado this is all very exciting! I mean, until one listens to the box set of outtakes and says:

"Oh, I see why they left this all out before."


I hope that doesn't happen to you today.


  1. Snoopy confronting the stairs is reflective of my experience. When the library was new, I trudged upward, thinking that I was saving a tiny bit of electricity by eschewing the elevator. I got over it.

    1. Smart move, those stairs are an accident waiting to happen!


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