Saturday, October 3, 2020

Flowers ending


Suddenly I looked up and it was October.


On the last walk I took I went out along the waterfall creek,

and in among the forest of leaves, on the creek, above the river it was so beautiful that I literally started randomly pointing my camera and taking pictures, hundreds of pictures:

To my surprise none of them turned out entirely to my satisfaction. Somehow it seemed they fell short of the strange, saturated wonderland I actually saw. The prettier everything is the more overconfident I start to get about my photography and the harder it gets to take a good picture. 

My confidence was not warranted. It's not easier to photograph wonders, rather, it's humbling.

I am humbled.

So here are a few mundane flowers I took in people's front yards to try and build up my confidence again.

Sorry, a bird got in this one:

You can always count on the flowers!

Which will soon all die and disappear.

And sadly my pictures will have to be all of snow.

But maybe we'll all like the snow?

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