Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Million subscribers: The excitement grows!





Ever since we announced that we would show a picture of our wounded finger right here in clerkmanifesto, interest in this blog has skyrocketed. But has it skyrocketed enough? The deal was that we would show this picture of my bruised forefinger if, and only if, in four days, we hit one millions subscribers to clerkmanifesto. 

How does one subscribe to clerkmanifesto?

To subscribe, simply enter your email address to the right where it says "Follow by Email". 

Actually, I have a whole bunch of questions. Is there some kind of FAQ on this clerkmanifesto promotion?

This! This is that FAQ!

How many people are subscribed by Email right now?


Is that number close to a million?

It's closer to a million than it is to minus a million.

Is minus a million a lot?

It's a lot of people not doing something. Like, if we could get a million people to bike to work instead of driving it will save 114 billion barrels of oil every year! So that's minus a million people working to save the planet!

I'm confused.

I'm so sorry, but this is "frequently asked questions" not "frequent responses to my answers to questions".

I'm already subscribed to clerkmanifesto. What can I do to help reach the million subscribers threshold?

I want nothing for myself. Please take all that energy you have to help me and instead use it to solve homelessness in America. I have so much already. Bless you! And don't forget to vote!

I too am subscribed to clerkmanifesto since last year. I did it during a promotion where if I subscribed I would get to ask a question of my choice in an upcoming clerkmanifesto FAQ. Is that what's happening now?

No, good guess, but the next one is your question.

While I was asking the previous question in this FAQ did the number of subscribers increase at all?

Unfortunately no. Someone unsubscribed at that time and the number went down one to 36.

But that's good for the planet, right?


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