Monday, October 12, 2020

Halloween houses

My favorite regular holiday, one that is generally celebrated by people other than my wife and myself, is Halloween. And Halloween is in less than three weeks! 

So I am sitting here in my "Great Pumpkin Believer" T-shirt, and I'm pretty excited.

What do I do for Halloween?

Nothing. Usually. But that's hardly the point!

A few days ago out on a photography foray I saw this:

So not only did I take a picture of it (see above), but I thought:

I should take a bunch of pictures of Halloween Houses and show them to everyone on my blog for Halloween!

Yes, I have a blog. It's called Clerkmanifesto.

Thank you for your interest, but I'd rather not get bogged down in explaining that right now.

So anyway, I headed off to take a whole bunch of incredible pictures of all the beautifully decorated Halloween Houses around here.

Only I didn't find any.

Oh, there was this one. It's okay I guess. I kind of like the giant spiderweb:

Though, let's face it, the spiderweb is close to all there is to it.

And on the whole, around my stomping grounds, it is mostly just a pumpkin here or there. 

Perhaps it's too early? 

Maybe the Pandemic has squashed local enthusiasm for the holiday? 

The point is that I wasn't able to come up with a whole roll, so to speak, of pictures of Halloween Houses. And this is a shame because there are probably few places in the world with better and more suitable houses for Halloween than these general 1880 to 1930 ones we've got laying around by the hundreds in the city neighborhoods of the Twin Cities.

But reflecting upon this sad state of affairs I realized there was no need for me to give up. This brilliant fall is easily the most picturesque time of the year and with a little proper framing, a bit of tweaking of  photos of houses that have captured my heart, and a trip to my favorite street of fairytale houses, with them cozily nestled in the height of Autumn as they are right now, I felt I was sure to be able to put together a nice enough, albeit small and slightly repetitive, collection of possibly haunted, enchanted looking houses. 

And if a pumpkin or some lights should happen to show up on these doorsteps in the next week or two, it's all for the good. 

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