Sunday, October 18, 2020

Upon reflection


It is another picture day here at clerkmanifesto. Once I get onto a theme I find myself little by little gathering pictures. Then, once I have gathered enough pictures, they look at me and say:

"So it's our turn now, right?"

And of course it is.

That was the whole point all along.

The theme is reflections. Many of these are Autumn pictures because I spend a lot of time sort of sneaking up on it. Fall confounds the direct approach. But I find that photos of it reflected in the water, or in the windows of buildings doesn't much phase it or cause it to run so wildly away.


  1. Intriguing set of pictures once more. I especially like the first one, partly for the picture itself, and partly for whatever prompted you to spot that reflection.

    1. Interesting, it's like it's the cerebral one you've chosen.

      It was probably the oldest picture, but I do remember it was such a surprise spotting that tiny reflection so far down there.


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