Monday, October 19, 2020

One millionth subscriber!

The readers of clerkmanifesto are usually a pretty calm group. I announce my winning a Nobel Prize for Literature and the comment section sports the single remark "Yeah, I got one of those." (I know Bob! I know!). I could solve the problem of cold fusion, I suppose, I mean, if I got lucky, and write about it here and the response might be:

"So should I hold off on the package of AA batteries I was going to buy?"

This is not meant as a criticism. It is merely to explain how surprising the passionate interest was in my post about my recent fingernail injury.

To refresh your memory, or to get you up to date, I mashed my finger a bit while at work at the library the other day. At first it didn't seem too bad, but then I looked down and it was all black under the bottom of my nail!

I know!

So I wrote about it.. because...

Let's not get into that. 

But I wrote about it and the comment section went crazy. Crazy!

There were literally dozens of questions.

Yes, they did seem to be all from the same person, but that's not really my point here.

My point is:

There was a ton of interest! There was even the suggestion that I might show a picture of my injury in clerkmanifesto!

It was wild.

So naturally I thought:

How can I use this interest to market clerkmanifesto to a wider audience?

The solution I came up with was:

When Clerkmanifesto reaches a million subscribers we will do an injury reveal right here!

This is pretty exciting.

It would really be something to have a million subscribers!

I currently have:


At least one of those people is dead, alas. Two are me, I think. And I suspect quite a few are long abandoned secondary email addresses. But that's not my problem. I just look at my "List of Subscribers" and there's a number. The number is 37. Good enough for me. 37 it is then.

But it's not a million.

999,963 to go.

I think we should set a time limit though. Let's say four days.

So hang on. This is going to be wild ride!


  1. I have been rather casually and w/o a great deal of understanding, learning about quantum stuff--the weird fact that the behavior of what's beyond telescoping perception doesn't behave the way Einstein said the world does...things like things behaving differently when observed, and multiverses and string theory. I think your blog works this way as well. It may be affecting the universe, or dancing with it, in ways no one, not even its creator, can possibly know. A million? How about a quintuple trillion? Or something that has yet to be born?

    1. Thank you for your comment. With great perception really you have anticipated some of the coming journey.

      But briefly, in answer to your question, as ever:



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