Sunday, April 25, 2021



You might be wondering:

"How hard is it to transfer your blog of over 3,000 posts to a new place on the Internet?"

You weren't?

What were you wondering then?

Oh. Well, yes, the clerkmanifesto buffet will have more shrimp in about half an hour. We're closely monitoring the scheduled delivery.

The fact is that transferring my blog of over 3,000 posts to a new place on the Internet is super easy. All I have to do is, 

Wait, I'll make a list. 

This way you can keep track at home.

1. Choose a new blog address! All there is to know 3.0? I'm working on it. Brilliant suggestions welcomed in the comment section below.

2. Type all three thousand previous clerkmanifesto blog posts into a new font. Laborious, yes, but I can leave out the bad sentences.

3. Learn how to use Wordpress, which should be easy because I start out already knowing that Wordpress is a thing that exists.

4. Shovel some nice money over to a large bloghosting company that will eventually not respond to my infuriated emails.

5. Make a commercial for the Super Bowl to advertise my new Clerkmanifesto 2.0 (name pending the results of list item number one).

6. Stay hydrated.

7. Write encouraging comments to myself under a pseudonym in my comments section.

So far I'm working on list item number one, but the good news is I just had several sips of water.

Stay tuned.


  1. Replies
    1. Oops, that wasn't by Feldenstein Calypso, it was by me, um, Faldensheen Bellisso! Sorry about the mistake and similarity to your name. And may I reiterate: You can do it!


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