Tuesday, June 27, 2023

I get carried away


I can't say how productive my journey through AI photography has been. 

But then what is productivity?

And who cares?

I like these questions!

I am likely thinking of them because I have been spending hours fiddling with pictures, often in aimless directions, just to see what I could get to. There is a promise with this technology that I can do things very quickly, like put a rabbit on a patch of grass in my library, but somehow that seems to lead to me doing vastly more things, which slows everything down until, hours later, I find myself working on the same picture that I had completed so quickly!

Am I improving the picture?

I don't know if that's the point even.

Here is a rabbit scene from my library whose inspiration I can't even trace anymore. This would be at a kind of medium level of involvement:

Here is something an hour or two further along down the road:

Could I spend a few more hours on this?

Sure. Although I will grant you that it is already a tad cluttered.

Or how about this one.

Yesterday at work I took some pictures of Impressionist paintings for...

future use?

This is the original picture I took:

I'm not sure who the artist is on this, though he was a good one. And I really had no idea what I was thinking of doing with this picture. But I brought it into photoshop anyway.

This is where we ended up hours later:

I rest my case. 

Which is easiest to do since I don't have one.

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