Friday, June 16, 2023

The library shelves continue to come alive!


Just because we took a little break here to talk about Messi's retirement (fine, it's not a retirement), and to tell a small library story, doesn't mean I have forgotten about my great and mighty and popular ongoing project here at clerkmanifesto. 

I am working on it all the time!

Now, what exactly was it again?

Was it the Bible one, where I was recreating The Book of Isaiah in magically altered pictures of my library?


Then was it the one where I was plagiarizing Winnie the Pooh?

I didn't think it was that one either.

Maybe it was the project wherein I make fun of all the unfinished, ongoing projects I have been working on?

Well, sort of. But I don't think that was what anyone meant.

OH! I have it. It's the one where I am bringing the library shelves to life!

Yes, yes, yes! And here's the deal: I've moved on from the animal shelves and now you never know what you'll get. It's all surprises now.

So to refresh your memory (mine is fine, I knew it all along!) I am bringing every bookshelf in my library to life, wherein the subject of the books on the shelf come alive right next to the books themselves. 

It's pretty nifty.

If I have to say so myself.

And I am compelled to do so.

These non animal versions of the bookshelves coming to life tend to be a little trickier, and they take more time to make, so starting today we'll probably be showing smaller batches of these. 

You'll also find some are better than others, maybe a little more so than usual.

I've also included some variations. For instance, here are two Leonardo DaVinci versions:

Here is the Frida Kahlo shelf:


And lastly, my favorite from this batch:

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