Monday, June 19, 2023

Monday's grab bag


Today on Monday's grab bag we bring...

What's that?

Oh. Monday's grab bag is a regular feature here on clerkmanifesto where we pull together some of the stray bits of our various projects and take a casual look at them. You probably haven't heard of it because you're new here on clerkmanifesto.

You've been reading clerkmanifesto for over ten years?

First of all, thank you. That means a lot to me.

Second of all, this suggests that possibly Monday's grab bag is actually a new feature here!

That means you discovered it! 

You discovered it!!!!

Brilliant work! We should name it after you. We can call it 

"You Grab Bag"!

Welcome then to "You Grab Bag". 

Grab whatever you like. It's yours.

This first item for selection is a nautical scene featuring pirates. 

I'm kind of into pirates lately. But I like how this emphasizes the parrot, like, it's not a picture of River Pirates, it's a picture of a white parrot that incidentally has pirates in it.

This next charming selection is a tribute to one of the greatest easy reader series of all time, Mr. Putter and Tabby, by Cynthia Rylant. I've actually taken an old picture of Mr. Putter pulling a book off the shelf in my library and added real world representations from the books' canon. Mrs. Teaberry is a bit odd here, but captures the spirit of her maybe? Tabby and Zeke are spot on. 

If you are unclear of what I'm talking about I am jealous of the delights that await you.

While we're reworking old photos of mine, I have one that I've turned into a kind of weird, mixed reality comic panel. 

I mean, the joke is barely funny, but it does express a fundamental of the library experience.

And lastly, I have an aquarium scene. I had big plans, well, modest plans for "Aquarium Library", but the whole thing sort of failed to come off as I hoped. 

This, perhaps, is the only useable scrap from my attempts.

And that concludes today's adventures in "You Grab Bag". 

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