Monday, January 15, 2024

Beatles week, day 3


Four songs.

Today's tribute to the Beatles is pretty simple. I mean, we already have the animals.

John sings about:





Paul has got:



Walrus's (just for fun because of John's accusation in "Glass Onion")

George has:

A Blue Jay.

Ringo has his:


While I am a fan of the octopus as a being, I know some of you out there are not comfortable when it comes to the eight legged creatures. But, alas, Ringo does not write too many Beatles songs, so octopus it is. 

However I have gone very subtle on the octopus, as I would hope you would all do should you ever decide to send me pictures of your pet spiders.

We all have our things.

As much as I would like to include all of what I have, I have nevertheless restricted myself to one song per Beatle. I took this opportunity to vary each picture stylistically, as befits their inimitable talents.

I'll let you work out which song is which, and all the little clues for you all.

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