Monday, January 29, 2024

New murals


Here then is my new mural of Bob Dylan, done on a retaining wall out by the old Ford Plant. If you walk down the creek they opened up at the center of the development there, you will find this mural on the path just before it runs under the little pedestrian tunnel below the River Road.

Or you won't find it because of it being fictional photography, but it's a nice walk anyway.

This one below is from my library. Of all the walls there ripe for art I feel this one was such a waste being white and plain. I campaigned during building to try to obtain work by a professor from the Minnesota College of Art and Design who did large, vivid pieces with themes about garbage and ecology, which suited the theme and rhetoric of our "green" building at the time, but it didn't go anywhere. Now that I am covering every wall of the library (see yesterday) it might all be a bit much, but I doubt it. The vaunted "Minimalist" design of my library has always been less about design and more about cost management and conformity.

Well not anymore! I charged a million dollars for these wild murals!


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