Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Thrill gone? Or just beginning


Once again I am alone at the front desk of the library. They put me here to write to you! And do a couple of other things along the way if anyone asks.

Right off the bat I registered a library card and thought:

Sense of personal accomplishment on a scale of one to ten?


Is the thrill gone?

But then...

Someone wanted to know what time the library closed.

"Eight." I said. And my sense of personal accomplishment was a two!


Directions to the bathroom? Three. Tracking down someone's missing hold. Five! Helping a sudden line of five people. Seven!

And then...

A friendly co-worker came down the stairs and gave me a little salute/wave. I gave one back. But the old lady who happened to be walking between us thought my greeting was to her and waved back at me. So I met her eye and altered the tail end of my wave so it was to her too: One wave to two separate people! 

Sense of personal accomplishment: Ten.

I'm back baby!


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