Saturday, July 18, 2015

The extra services I provide

This is how I do my job. I am upstairs in the non fiction section, shelving through the travel section. I am at Canada. A patron approaches me. "Are you shelving?" She asks.

"Yes." I reply.

"Where is Hawaii?" She inquires.

Using elaborate demonstrative hand gestures I say "Hawaii is a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean."

I know, but don't worry. I showed her where all our many Hawaii travel guidebooks were grouped together. Plus she can now skip the little geographic part at the start of those books.


  1. May all the satvam in all the realms continue 2 benefit from your compassion.

    1. Needing just the tiniest of reminders as to what a satvam is I looked it up on the Internet. I found a well reviewed vegetarian Indian Buffet in Karnataka, India.

      If they can continue to benefit from my compassion more power to them.


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