Sunday, July 5, 2015

Who you are

Once again I sit down to a computer to write. What mischief can I get up to this time? What nefarious plans have I today?

I don't know. I didn't want to overplan.

I have often wondered just who I was writing to here, but the answer to that is beginning to form up in my mind. I have wondered in the past what I would write if I were magically freed from the idea of any audience, but I wonder such nonsense no more. I tried to talk to the Internet, to the whole world, to whoever would listen, to the gods themselves, but now I'm starting to sense something else. I thrashed about. I got mad. I suffered.

And then I had a vision.

When? When did I have a vision?

I am having it right now!

There is a clearing in a forest. 

No, wait

Here is a clearing in a forest. The night is so dark that you can see all the stars in the universe, but they shed no light. I am sitting at a fire, keeping it going by adjusting the flickering logs with a long branch. Sparks shower off and disappear like fireflies going exploring. I am writing on a pad of paper. Animals come walking out of the deep woods. They are half human and half deer, or half human and half wolf, or half skunk, or half lynx, or half turkey, or half fox. My heart swells. Magic creatures of the woods are coming! They sit quietly by the fire. There isn't much talking. I write on my pad and pass it around the circle. Oh how I rejoice if they chuckle or look thoughtful. But mostly I cannot know what they think. What is the mind of a mystical, one of a kind creature to me?

Only you would know that.


  1. Even the means you're offering to give voice to my kind seems careless. But then your fireside is really only open to the vertebrate spirits, isn't it. Why not not listen to the spineless multitudes? We are organizing. The cricket, katydid, and cicada spirit beings WILL BE HEARD!!!

    1. I humbly accept your criticism of my vertebrate centrism. But we shall hardly solve this with a vertebrate/insectivore centrism! What about plant spirits? What about Octopus spirits! What about shrimp and algae spirits!???


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