Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The most amazing thing on the Internet

How many times have you exclaimed "The Internet is amazing!"?

Forty-three times, you say? 

I wasn't expecting such a specific answer, but, yes, that is right, 43 times. Each Internet user has proclaimed the Internet to be amazing 43 times exactly, which, multiplied by the hundreds of total Internet users through history, means that at any given time, somewhere, someone is marveling at the Internet's amazingness. And though there are a lot of amazing things on the Internet to exclaim over, I mean, er, that's what I've heard on the Internet at least, today we are going to talk about only one amazing thing about the Internet. We are going to talk about the most amazing thing about the Internet. I am going to tell you about the single most amazing thing on the Internet!

I'm touched. I'm blushing. Do you really think so? I really just put one word after the other like any other writer. Thank you.

But no, we are not talking about me.

Although really, so kind, such a nice thing of you to say!

We are talking about this:

Even though the Internet has ready to watch video cumulatively longer than the history of Earth itself, even though the Internet has millions of users generating fresh content every single day, even though half of our literary history, the bulk of our assembled written knowledge, and thorough accounts and explanations exist on the history of everything, even though there are user friendly games of every kind, jokes, tools, and art, all there for the taking, even though there are roughly a billion different websites to visit, even though you can see pictures of virtually every inch of the planet, read stories about any subject, visit or make friends anywhere in the world, even with all of that, after you have been on the Internet for about 40 minutes there will come a time when some part of you will restlessly think "What will I do here now? There is nothing left to look at."

Now that's amazing.

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