Sunday, May 9, 2021



Just before I was knocked back sick as a dog in reaction to my first round of shingles vaccine (yes, I feel terrible right now!) I took some pictures of a nearby church. It might be more accurate to say I took these pictures just as I was starting to get sick. I was kind of dragging on that walk and it's clear to me now why.

I still feel very enthusiastic about vaccines, but my cheers are a little feeble.

I have been very happy taking endless pictures of turkeys and squirrels and bubbling streams, coyotes and flowers all turned into dreams, robins and cardinals and flowering trees, and water and water that's not what it seems. But taking pictures of a not all that remarkable, but nice, church made me understand I would be just as happy taking my hobby off to some old European city, which is nice to know, should it ever come up.

I need to go lie down.

Here are some pictures:


  1. I like the color effects on the penultimate picture.

    1. Funny. I almost cut that one. But then as soon as you say you like the color effects my appreciation for it grows!


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