Monday, April 4, 2022

The telling question


I am, alas, unable to attend my library's half day, spring version of In Service Day. It's not that I refuse outright to attend In Service Days, merely that everything has to happen just perfectly for me to be there. A twinge in my back or the back of my throat, too many misshelved books in non fiction, or a proposed breakout session topic that offends my delicate sensibilities are each on their own enough for me to be unable to attend. But the eliminating trigger this time is the more mundane fact that it is not my normal day to work and I see no advantage in altering my schedule.

As I write about this it is the day before In Service Day. The main discussion among my colleagues in preparation is about how our new library director will be fielding anonymous questions from the audience. One co-worker asked me for a suggestion, and though terrible things occurred to me, I knew they would bear no fruit. Despite knowing just about nothing regarding this person, anyone able to have a meteoric professional rise to the director at such a young age (our new director is not yet 40!) is surely able to provide a non informative, politic answer to any challenging question that we could think of.

And yet as discussions continued towards the end of the day, I was asked again, by others, if I had any questions for our new director. Clearly something telling was wanted. And then, finally, at the last minute, inspiration hit!

"Yes," I said. "Ask him: 

"What do you have against the Jews?""

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