Saturday, April 30, 2022

Waddlin' with the ducks


The most common place I encounter the ducks is along the Mississippi River. These ducks are often in larger flocks and have a more wild attitude. Only by careful stalking am I able to get within twenty feet of them, and sometimes just walking towards them at a distance will cause them to thunder briefly into the air. They don't like to be crowded. But sometimes I get lucky and get some nice pictures of them bobbing along in the shimmer of the reflective water of our dark river.

Much more rarely I come upon a pair of ducks on Shadow Creek. Once it was below the falls. Today, to my surprise, I came upon a couple of them above the falls. The creek ducks, who are surely the same ducks as the river ducks, are, in that environment, much cozier in attitude. The creek seems to bring out their mellowness. For me that means that they don't too much mind my hanging out with them.

By "hanging out" I generally mean, with wildlife, getting within about ten feet of them and them letting me.

Naturally, from this special vantage point I took quite a few pictures of these ducks. But in working these pictures up I could see, as so often happens, that there was just one picture that really captures the feeling, that puts us right up there on water with the duck. Anything more in the way of photos would dilute it. 

So here then is the representative duck picture of the day- the one where we seem as close to the ducks as I felt and where we're maybe even close enough in to get just a tiny taste of our duck's personality. 

Grab hold of something.

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