Sunday, October 23, 2022

In the Autumn of our lives we find wisdom



It is something of a tradition on Grape's birthday, Grape being an old and dear friend of mine, and his birthday being the day of the year he was born, which, coincidentally, is today, to write, in honor of this Grape person, a story of an escapade from our youth.

But we are old now, and I have forgotten them all.


We are enlightened and live purely in the present.


I've been doing this so long I've used up all the good escapades.


I remember lying on the floor of his room, or some room, anyone's room anywhere, with Grape, listening to music, like it was a thing two 17 year old's could actually do. Just... listening to music.




As happens in all these vast decades that Grape and I have lived far away form each other, a few months went by where I did not hear from Grape.  No word. No email. No note. 

And fairly speaking, he did not hear from me. 

And just as this state of affairs was starting to worry me unavoidably, I put a picture on my blog (my blog is where you are now) of a bee.

Grape commented on this picture. 

He said something like "I like this picture of a bee."

It made me so happy every part of me momentarily untensed and floated.

And I was enlightened and lived in the present.

Which I hope Grape is doing today, on his birthday.


  1. An update on Grape from his handler in the form of a poem:

    Grape received a poster of a bee,
    and in his glee,
    he ran off and has yet to be seen.
    He might have climbed a tree
    and scratched his knee,
    but the bee, the bee
    is something he needs
    and so I cannot imagine the letter E
    and "Grap" before it to be
    without the bee and the glee of the bee.


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