Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The height of my science fiction photography


I just hit the height of my Science Fiction photography! 

I won't hold back, I'll show you it right away and then, like in a book group where only one person does any talking, we can discuss it.

Here it is:

When I squeezed this fantastical picture out of my phone, while sitting at the front desk of the library, I was so excited I had to show my front desk partner. My front desk partner was a person who shares with me a keen interest in a particular slice of YA Science Fiction and Fantasy. They are also studying to be a librarian. 

So they liked this picture.

I said "This is just the sort of picture that would be on the cover of a book I'd be super interested to read!"

We talked about that briefly and looked at the picture. This made me ruminate and add:

"But the book would probably be sort of disappointing."

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