Monday, June 19, 2017

200 Views of Rome: Alice Pizza


4 Stars

Oy, these stars will be the death of me! And I'm a person who likes quantifying things! I'm in the top 11 percent for quantifying and am a 4.48 star quantifier!

So here's the deal. There were several Alice Pizzas out there in Rome, possibly dozens. I went to one or two. Lovely sheets of pizza under glass on the counter. There are a range of varieties like one would never see in America, maybe prosciutto on one, shrimp and a vinegary sauce on another, ribbons of zucchini, blots of ricotta, eggplant, one with a thick scattering of thinly sliced mushrooms. You tell them where to cut. They weigh it up and throw it in their pizza oven. It's delicious stuff.

Now here's the rub. I only went to pizza places I read good things about in the reviews on the Internet. But looking at the pizza under the glass would have been scrutiny enough to tell. These venues were all really good and extremely similar in every way. Not a single one of them pierced my heart with ecstasy, and yet every one of them was terrific. If just one of these places, a branch, for instance, of the ubiquitous Alice Pizza, opened up in the twin cities where I live, I would fall to my knees weeping tears of gratitude. In Rome, it was just pizza, really good pizza.

There was one thing about this kind of pizza though that was hard for me to face, and I at times resisted it to my detriment. This pizza has the half life of french fries. You must eat it now! Hot. Go! Their takeaway box is useless except for eating out of it as you are walking away. Quick, find some place to eat that pizza and sit down and eat it. The clock is ticking.

Alice Pizza, four stars, five stars, I don't know. Let's just say I would fly for eight hours to have a piece right now. Of course, we'd pop over to the Palazzo Altemps since we're there, and then get a quick drink at Sant Eustachio, and Giolitti, I mean, since we're there. I mean, there's no point being silly about it. 

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