Thursday, June 29, 2017

200 Views of Rome: Caffe Doria


5 Stars

This is the Cafe for the Doria Pamphilj Museum (5 stars too) though one might not even know it entering from its quiet, side street entrance where it functions like any other Roman cafe, open to the public.There's a subtle access from the museum side as well. All of the seating inside is good- no small thing in Rome. The cafe is old world elegant while still casual, having what amounts to my very favorite small fountain of Rome, The Fish Fountain (by no means its real name). The menu covers every possibility from having a mere espresso or tea or juice, through snacks and pastry, to a full meal should one desire. While by no means consistently good, nothing in our many visits was bad, and some things were surprisingly wonderful (a plate of eggplant anyone?).

The service is the usual Roman ridiculous, and if one can make peace, or laugh at some of the friendly negligent absurdities of Roman service one will have a better time everywhere. Try not to be in too much of a hurry. We made an effort to go to Caffe Doria more towards mid afternoon because the waiter who found it easiest to tell us they were out of everything was usually gone by then. And yet, weird, I really couldn't recommend any place higher.

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