Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Precious metals


I got a delightful gift today. It is a silver krugerrand, which is made of one troy ounce of silver. It is large, and heavy in the hand, not like any other coin I have ever had, thick, steady, substantial.

Here it is:

I really love this coin. And as Europe devolves into war and, with the sort of brain I have contained in my skull, as I can't help a teensy bit imagining the nuclear holocaust that has underwritten the last 70 years of the human experiment, it is reassuring to suddenly own PRECIOUS METAL. It's not gold, but how do you buy a chicken with a gold coin? Silver seems much more manageable for buying a couple chickens.

"Could you throw in a few of those turnips?" I might ask. "This Krugerrand has a certificate of authenticity. Although I think I left it in my drawer at the library."

The chicken seller bites my coin, I don't know why he bites it, and he says "Sorry, I can't spare the turnips. Two chickens seem a fair price sir for an ounce of silver. It's not, after all, a gold coin or anything!"

"Are those chickens glowing?" I reply.

"Okay, three turnips and two chickens and you have a deal."

We shake. The radiation probably kills any salmonella. So, upside.

I sure will miss my ounce of silver though. Maybe I should buy a few more.

I better hurry.

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